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Kleinwalsertal in the Austrian Alps

Going to the mountains is going home. (John Muir)

ifen-summer---vWhat sounds like something from a novel is reality in the Kleinwalsertal.
Here people have learned to strike a harmonious balance between nature and the modern world.
Promising an enjoyable vacation for every taste.
Those who prefer to relax in nature can explore four vegetation zones with over 185km of hiking trails and experience the hospitality of the people of the Walser region. Summer active in Kleinwalsertal!

Hiking & Walking Holidays

Hiking and walking ways from 1500m up to 2536m.

The Kleinwalsertal mountains have a vast range of trails and above 1500m, there are many opportunities, and a variety of paths for relaxed strolls and hiking.

hiking and walkingAbout 150 km of hiking trails, walkways, climbing tracks, one or multi day hikes or guided tours: The Mountain School program offers every alpine adventure you are looking for. You can traverse over the Alps, go on a private guided tour to the top of the Matterhorn or experience the Walser trail. The Mountain School also offers every Monday to Friday eleven biking tours and mountain hikes which are free of charge for guests with the Kleinwalsertal guest card.

The Walser-Card in Kleinwalsertal

walser cardWhen on holidays in Kleinwalsertal the Walser-Card entitles you to various free services and discounts.
Free travel on all bus services within the border of Kleinwalsertal from Walserschanze to Baad.
Museums and exhibitions
Free admission to the Walser museum in Riezlern and the Ski Museum in Hirschegg Walserhaus.
Internet 1/2 hours wireless Internet in the Walserhaus Hirschegg.

Summer Experiences in Kleinwalsertal

Walser Cultural Trail

This trail runs along the entire valley, from Baad to riezlern. 40 sites such as churches and chapels, covered timber bridges, indigenous Walser houses, atonement crosses etc. Are all described in a booklet. Explanatory signs with extensive information are to be found at every site.

For many, hiking has long meant a lot more than just conquering summits. Leisurely or brisk walking in the great outdoors stimulates the body and all the senses and has an ever so soothing effect as new perspectives unfold. For interested hikers, the trials across the Kleinwalsertal mountains have many a story to tell, about the life on high alpine alps, about dairy farming, the magic of water, the curative power of herbs, the kaleidoscope of colors over the seasons, about well-known personages and treasures of nature.


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