Antony Gormley’s – Horizon Field!

“Horizon Field”,which the renowned British artist Antony Gormley (born 1950)  realized in the mountains of Vorarlberg.

The largest landscape installation that was ever seen in Austria. Comprises 100 man-size iron figures – Horizon Field.

Each figure weighs 640 kg. The figures are spread over an area of 150 square kilometers in the communities Mellau, Schoppernau, Schröcken, Warth, Mittelberg (Kleinwalsertal), Lech, and Klösterle Dalaas.

The plant forms a horizontal line at 2039 meters above sea level. The figures create a field in which people are encouraged to measure area and distance within this field of static iron figures.

The distance between the individual figures vary, depending on the topography, between sixty meters and several kilometers. Some of the sculptures, can be reached on hiking trails or ski slopes, others are visible, but can not be reached. Horizon Field appeals to the body, perception and imagination of all those who enter this field of reference. Herry

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